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carlos samaniego asks:

good morning , i want to cast plastic buttons can you help me ? we are a large co. that manufacture buttons and jewelry accesories and i will like to try plastic casting for the lighter weight . i will try to plated to . we have all the machines thet you have and the rubber to .please let me know if you can help .. also looking in to aluminium casting . thank you hope to hear from you soon , carlos samaniego .

Answer: Dear Carlos, You will need a different silicone rubber for each type of casting (60D Blue for plastics and HT300 for zinc aluminum). I do not know anything about plating on plastic, I will ask the people who supply us with resin. You will need zinc aluminum for the light weight metal buttons S1 from Ney/Belmount. If there is a loop on the back of the button it will reduce the mold life by 30-40%. Please feel free to contact me at for any other help you may need to make tyour purchace. Tom Francis