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Lost Wax Casting Machines
Conley Investment Vacuum Table
Pump mounted on a stand
with all related piping,
air filter, plastic bell jar,
rubber seal pad and
vac gage.

E4-0 Melting Furnace
Electric Bench Top Melting Furnace

Hones Burnout Furnaces
Bench models with lever operated door. Floor models with pulley operated door

Investment Removal System 250
Castings and flask free investment in less than 1 minute without high pressure washing. Excellent for pre-set stones where cool flasks are beneficial. Environment and workplace friendly.

One Port Casting Table Complete
CASTING TABLE, complete with 28 CFM vacuum pump, gauge, casting chamber, and vacuum gaskets.

Schultheiss VPC Casting System
Melting and casting systems, vacuum and pressure casting units