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For the better part of a century, Providence, Rhode Island was the world's jewelry manufacturing capital. Manufacturers of such name brands as Trafari, Monterey, Rochelle, Este Lauder, Christian Dior, and Givenche came to rely on Conley for superior quality casting equipment and supplies, responsive support and training, and just-in-time delivery. Today, excellent jewelry manufacturers may be located anywhere on the planet. Conley Casting supports world-class operations in North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia. They rely on Conley Casting for materials and equipment that produce better quality products while reducing manufacturing costs.

The business that ultimately became Conley Casting Supply Corporation was founded in the 1930's and operated in the heart of the Providence Jewelry District for decades. In 1972, the company was purchased by the Conley family and subsequently moved to its current headquarters in Warwick Rhode, Island. International operations of the founding company were also acquired in the mid 70's. Today, Conley Casting has more than 400 customers on five continents.

Conley Exclusives
Conley has a number of proprietary innovations: Equipment Designs Much of the equipment offered are designed and build by Conley Casting. See the Conley New Venture Casting Factory - A compact manufacturing system for entrepreneural craftsmen, jewelers, and educational institutions. Rubber Formulations Conley's expertise in rubber compounding helped to produce rubbers with 200% greater life. Conley's sister company, Centredale/Dura-Fab, produces rubber coated rolls of extremely high quality.

Ultra-reliable equipment for low temperature white metal casting and high temperature lost wax casting processes.

Superior materials particularly rubbers which last up to 200% longer, reduce surface imperfections and minimize secondary operations labor costs.

Just-in-time delivery programs to insure manufacturing continuity while minimizing inventory costs.

Decades of experience so we can advise you on the best products and practices for your jewelry manufacturing operation.