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I have a three post Conley vulcanizer which I recently moved. It was disassembled in the move and now has lost it's hydraulic oil. Please advise as to what kind of oil I should buy to replace it and where to fill the machine. Thank you! Read Reply

I have a vulcanizer with a nanmac H12 series controller, and would like to know if you have a manual for the settings and what all the controls do and the fine ajusters. please help many thanks Mark Read Reply

Hi,I've just bought a second hand 9" conley casting machine and wondered if you sold a manual or had any info on operating the machine,I will be making 28mm miniatures and will be usung conley moulds, many thanks nick Read Reply

Does Conley offer a "sample mold" frame? Instead of making a whole mold for just one sample design, is there an option for a pie shape frame to produce just a sample design for a customer? I have put samples in other production molds but was wondering about options. Thanks for your help, Pat Byrne Design Visions Campus ID,Inc
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i have an old conley spincasting mach. and we melt down lead to pour into mach. to make fishing jigs. after i put mold into mach. and close lid it takes maching several seconds to ingage the relay switch. i have re3placed a new relay , but still does not work. can you tell me the problem or give me some advise as to how i can get my mach. speeded up?? help, help !! thanks, eddie Read Reply

looking to get a new mold frame lost wax. the frame i have 30 yrs. old is and measures 31/2 x 6 i get castaldo 5x7 rubber
Read Reply

looking to teach lost wax casting...need used equipment any suggestions Read Reply

Hello I am looking for new or used spincasting machines, 220 V, to cast different items from alloyzinc (ZnAl) The size of items I want cast is : thickness 2 - 45 mm, length 20 - 100 mm .The furnace shuold be gas and 220 V but I can use 220/110 V transformer. I have a friends in U.S. who can arrange purchasing and dispaching. All machines I foun in my country are terrible expensive (Italian) or looks not professional. Any suggestion? Read Reply

FMM03 3 1/2 x 6 x 1 Mold Frame What is the cost. Thanks, Mike Read Reply

I have a used Conley spin casting machine and a used Conley 4 post vulcanizer. If I sent you pictures of the machines, would you be able to provide the proper user's manuals. Thank you.
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Hello just wondered if you had a external temperature control for a pewtar casting pot.Thanks Read Reply

I am looking for jelwery melting machine. Read Reply

Do you have any representative in China? I am inquiring on behalf of a friend in Chinghai who would be interested to purchase one of your machine. Thank you. Read Reply

I want to cast my own 25-28mm figures and i am unsure about all the items that i need. A price would be nice also. I want to make my own molds and cast them. I will be working with pewter. What advice and products can you offer, for how much? Read Reply

Hi, I have tried very hard to look on the internet for a larger pressure pot to meet my need sbut can't. I currently make silicon 2 piece molds and fill them with resin. I hav 2.5 Gallon Alumilite pressure pot but i need to move on to bigger molds that won't fit in my pot. The castings are very detailed and have many, many undercuts. I need a larger pressure pot like say a 5 gallon system that isnt real tall. I would like to have some thing wide so i would't have to turn the pot on its side to degass my larger molds. Any suggestions? Read Reply

I need to know about different types of casting metals and plastic if you have that you have for sale and also need to know the different types of rubber that you use for different jewelry items .. also can i cast plastic buttons or jewelry items on your molds ? thank you Read Reply

I am getting ready to move my studio to a commerical space and wanted to consider a electric melting furnace. I have a 65lb melting furnace that runs on propane. I am not a high volume casting setup. I think I can get buy with a 40 lb size melting pot Read Reply

good morning , i want to cast plastic buttons can you help me ? we are a large co. that manufacture buttons and jewelry accesories and i will like to try plastic casting for the lighter weight . i will try to plated to . we have all the machines thet you have and the rubber to .please let me know if you can help .. also looking in to aluminium casting . thank you hope to hear from you soon , carlos samaniego .
Read Reply

Want to manufacture small fishing jig heads 1/64oz to 3oz etc. Need only a small inexpensive machine, any suggestions, & prices please?. Where are you located? Read Reply

I wrote a few days ago but cannot trace having received a Read Reply...the message sent was.. Hi Do you still have the above named book for sale and if so how much is it?? Also, do you have a price list for Casting Machines, pots and moulds (CL1 and C100) I am in the UK so can you please give me some idea of your shipping costs. thanks R Shilton You may well have forwarded a Read Reply and it may have been destroyed accidentally by my email filter, if so please send a copy and i will look out for it, otherwise I would appreciate a response as soon as possible. Thanks Read Reply

Dear Sir I am interested in your casting investment and prewash. I am casting up to 150 lbs of bronze at a time with appropiately large investment molds. How can I figure out how long they need to dry before I put them in the kiln and the heat rise/time and temperature ratio for proper results. Also how thick the molds need to be in order to be strong enough for the bronze head pressure. sincerely Jay Lindsay Read Reply

i need prices on the white metal gas funace 250lb melting pot the whole set up and the pot and the round thing with the leg the pot sit in thank you very much hoping to buy one this summer.
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Is there any version of spin casting in which the melt is held in the mold at some temperature and allowed to cool down more slowly. This is for a special project in which we have a hard petroleum pitch mixed with a solid and we want to cast a cylindrical plug and desire the solid to separate centrifugally in a separate layer before the article freezes. Do you or someone else have any kind of equipment where there is an on-board heater for the mold, or maybe the whole platen is inside of an induction heating coil? This is more like a resin and not as hot as white metal, so I think rubber or RTV molds will last OK. The only thing I can find in the literature is some special glass lens casting techniques which are turning inside of a furnace, but these machines are very expensive and very low RPM Thanks for your help Read Reply

I am buying a used conley venture casting spincaster and vulcanizer ( 9 in). I would like to cast miniatures in metal and plastic. The list of materials(number needed to order) to make molds, cast metal, & cast plastic with the machines? Could you tell me where to get manuals or directions for the machines? Any suggestions to find out more about spin casting like websites, books, and/or videos? thanks John Fitzhgh Read Reply

I purchased an old Conley vulcanizer & Spin Caster from a company that went out of Busines, it works fine I just need some pointers on Vulcanizing I am molding Fishing lures,Spinnerbaits & buzzbaits using Lead I'v had the equipment about 9 years in storage & just got it setup.I got five mold sets (Black)do they have a long shelf life.The first mold that I made didn't turn out good,it had air pockets inside & looked like the rubber didn,t cure.I am using a Romanoff Book for instructions. TKS. for any help W.C. Read Reply

How long and at what temperature should the 60-D semi cured rubber be in my twin platten vulcanizer? Read Reply