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jay lindsay asks:

Dear Sir I am interested in your casting investment and prewash. I am casting up to 150 lbs of bronze at a time with appropiately large investment molds. How can I figure out how long they need to dry before I put them in the kiln and the heat rise/time and temperature ratio for proper results. Also how thick the molds need to be in order to be strong enough for the bronze head pressure. sincerely Jay Lindsay

Answer: 10-20-07 Dear Jay, Thank you for interest in our product line. The standard drying time for the investment before you dewax your mold is 2-3 hours. Your should then dewax the mold for 30-45 minutes at 225°F in a steam dewaxing oven, 1-1.5 hour from a cold start which depends on how quickly your oven heats up. The temperature rise should be 6 hour to a temperature of 1300°F (3.5° a minute)and a 6 hour soak time, 1 hour down to 900°F casting temperature. The wall thickness depends on your flask, if you are using a T304 12 gauge flask 1 inch is enough. We have an investment that has fibers in it for strength ICS-400. The prewax is a water based material we call WETT WASH it has a cleaning agent and a wetting agend which can be shipped UPS. Regards, Tom Francis