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W.C. Johnson asks:

I purchased an old Conley vulcanizer & Spin Caster from a company that went out of Busines, it works fine I just need some pointers on Vulcanizing I am molding Fishing lures,Spinnerbaits & buzzbaits using Lead I'v had the equipment about 9 years in storage & just got it setup.I got five mold sets (Black)do they have a long shelf life.The first mold that I made didn't turn out good,it had air pockets inside & looked like the rubber didn,t cure.I am using a Romanoff Book for instructions. TKS. for any help W.C.

Answer: Dear WC, The rubber you have is useable up to one year. It is best used within 3 months of the manufacture date on the box. The rubber you should be using for fishing lure is our 60D Blue. Call me at 800-445-7900 and we can go over your molding procedures. Regards, Tom Francis