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Conley Organic Rubber Compounds

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We manufacture all compounds on the premises. Our strict controls insure that you receive the highest quality product in the market today! Our rubber is manufactured for low shrinkage, high durability and uniform thickness in the rubber discs. They were developed of a high heat formula for casting molten metals into the rubber molds withstanding temperatures of up to 900°F. All of the compounds have great peel characteristics.


• * CL-1

• The most popular. Excellent for undercuts & drive where flexibility is needed, 60 durometer, all purpose.

• F-11 Very popular. Good control for shrinkage; great parting line control, 65 durometer. Excellent for flat work.

• C-100 Excellent control over shrinkage, superior tear strength, 70 durometer, superior for lead free alloys.


• Available sizes:

• Disc Mold Format - 6\", 9\", 10\", 11\", 12\", 15\", 18\"

• Ring Mold Format - 9\", 9.5\", 11\", 12\", 13\", 15\", 18\"

• Other sizes available on request