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James McGehee asks:

Is there any version of spin casting in which the melt is held in the mold at some temperature and allowed to cool down more slowly. This is for a special project in which we have a hard petroleum pitch mixed with a solid and we want to cast a cylindrical plug and desire the solid to separate centrifugally in a separate layer before the article freezes. Do you or someone else have any kind of equipment where there is an on-board heater for the mold, or maybe the whole platen is inside of an induction heating coil? This is more like a resin and not as hot as white metal, so I think rubber or RTV molds will last OK. The only thing I can find in the literature is some special glass lens casting techniques which are turning inside of a furnace, but these machines are very expensive and very low RPM Thanks for your help.

Answer: Dear James, I will need more of the temperature specifics to let you know if we can help you. Send them to