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Where ‘best-in-class’ jewelry manufactures get their casting equipment and supplies

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New Venture Casting Factory

Conley Casting Supply Corp. is one of the largest manufacturers of jewelry casting equipment and supplies in the USA. We also supply and manufacture custom blends of rubber and wax to meet the needs of large and small jewelry manufacturers. World class jewelry manufacturers rely on Conley Casting Supply for quality products, just-in-time delivery and responsive customer support.

Products for Lost Wax Casting

  • Wax Pots
  • Wax Injectors
  • Vacuum Tables
  • Dust Collectors
  • Casting Systems
  • Burnout Furnaces
  • Pattern Injection Waxes
  • Investment Removal Systems
  • Centrifugal Casting Machines
  • Pressure Vessel Heating Units

Products for White Metal Casting

  • Vulcanizers
  • Melting Pots
  • Vulcanizing Frames
  • Silicone Black Rubber
  • Organic Black Rubber
  • Air Casting Machines
  • White Metal Furnaces
  • Hand Tools & Accessories
  • Vacuum & Pressure Casting Units
Castaldo Waxes
Schultheiss Casting Equipment
Conley Vulcanizer

We feature Castaldo Molding Products including rubber and Schultheiss vacuum and pressure casting units, and other fine products from our fine strategic partners.

Our New Venture Casting Factory is a complete production casting system for most all materials including pewter, lead, tin, plastics, and wax.
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Conley provides jewelry manufactures with a full line of production machines, accessories, materials and supplies. All of our waxes for injection are formulated for consistent production quality.


Our Alpha Orange and Sierra Red aka Beta Red are industry standards.